I am Kevin Masters. I have been professionally developing for the web since 2003. I am gratified to be a part of the evolution of this media. The technical adaptations to stay relevant have always given me some interesting challenges and I'm constantly looking forward to learning something new.

For several years my focus was primarily on working with content management systems as a builder, themer, and engineer of custom solutions in platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and CMS/Ecommerce sites using Magento. My first Drupal project in D6 was a website for Greene County New York's official Tourism department. I switched to Joomla theme building at my assignment with a different agency. This was a fairly straightforward transition and in the process I came up with my own bare-bones Joomla starter theme. At that same agency WordPress became the favored platform and so around version 2.3 I was introduced to the WordPress themes and plugins. After freelancing for few years I was given a post with the state of New York's Education Department as their Drupal Consultant. They were in the midst of a massive Accessibility overhaul and needed my help maintaining their Drupal 7 websites. At my current position our website is built on the MovableType CMS.

Recently I have begun to work on tools and solutions outside of or complimentary to CMS sites. Using Drupal JSON views I developed custom features for the Ulster County NY government website. I have lately had the opportunity to set up REST API applications to hook up with Asana, Okta, Hubspot, Slack, and others. Movable Type's backend scripting language is Perl which was new to me with my background in PHP driven CMS'. On occasion if we needed a quick export or update of specific data I coded a simple backend PHP or Python script to do the job. It has been fulfilling having such a wide range of different projects and I am lately surprised how working for the same company would afford such a variety of opportunities to apply my skills. 

Some skills that I'm working on:

  • Linux server management. Our stack uses CentOS 7, Apache, MySql, Perl, PHP, and Python.
  • React.js
  • .Net C# Frontend development
  • Perl as pertains to Movable Type
  • Python
  • Laravel
  • Improving my Git processes
  • Agile Project Management
  • Drupal 8

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